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Unlock your earning potential! Entry-level programmers in the U.S. earn on average over $78,000 in salary.

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The Success Story of Hatsy

"One day at the library, I noticed a stranger using an app that featured tutorials, questions, and exercises for C++ programming. It was Sololearn. I thought, "Neat, learning on your mobile phone!" I was just starting to learn to code and I made all the usual beginner mistakes, so I gave Sololearn a try. Through Sololearn, I have found many learners who have helped me grow. I have met teachers, engineers, developers, data scientists, and more amazing people. The learning environment created by Sololearn served as a catalyst for me to pick up good practices, which go beyond learning and into the workplace."

Hatsy Rei, June 01, 2020

❤️ Thank you Hatsy!

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